About NVVT

Duth Association of Paint Technicians

The NVVT is a very active association of about 220 members that is able to serve her members with attractive and interesting symposia for more than 85 years.


  • To spread and to improve the scientific level of knowledge of coatings, coatings’ raw materials and the technological aspects of paint (preparation, production, application)
  • To promote and to stimulate knowledge exchange and contacts between the members.
  • To be present on the European level by the active membership of FATIPEC
  • To have a broad footprint in our branch and to have members from large companies as well as mid-sized and smaller companies.


  • To organize symposia focused on actual subjects in or around the main disciplines about 4-5 times a year. These actual subjects can be on technical issues (like formulations, raw materials and additives, preparation and application of paint products) but also scientific developments associated with coatings and on developments in the area of e.g. the environment. Sometimes a symposium is organized in close cooperation with a sister organization from another country, e.g. the yearly joint symposium with de Belgium ATIPIC.
  • The organization of company visits
  • To pay attention to developments in the area of European and national legislation and regulations concerning environment, labelling, health and safety aspects etc.
  • To be present as observer in projects and working groups of e.g. VVVF (Dutch association of paint- and ink producers) and subsidized/sponsored (governmental) projects at universities and institutes.
  • Activities as follow up from our membership of the Federation of Associations of Technicians for Industry of Paints in European Countries (FATIPEC). One of the activities of the NVVT is the coordination of lectures from the Netherlands to be presented at ETCC congresses.
  • To stimulate young scientists in our field of technology by offering them the opportunity to present their work at NVVT symposia and to make available the NVVT-Grant: an award for Young Scientists to participate and to present their work at an ETCC.


  • Officially the name of NVVT is deposited on December 28, 1951; the activities started already from 1933 under the name of “section paint” of the Bond voor Materialenkennis (BvM).
  • The NVVT is a non-profit organization; the board is composed from volunteers, most of them active in the field of the Dutch coatings industry. Members of the board will be elected for a period of four years. The board consists of 7-9 members: a president, a secretary, a treasurer and other board members. At least once a year an annual meeting with all members will be organized.
  • The secretarial activities of the NVVT are supported by the Dutch Association of Paint and Ink Producers (VVVF): especially membership administration, invitations and registrations concerning symposia are supported. 
  • On European level the NVVT is cooperating with sister organizations in a federation called FATIPEC (Federation of Associations of Technicians for Industry of Paints in European Countries). Under the umbrella of FATIPEC a large coatings congress is being organized in one of the European countries under the name of European Technical Coatings Congress (ETCC) every other year.
  • Once a year the NVVT together with the Belgian sister organization (ATIPIC) organize a joint symposium. Generally this symposium is organized in the E-10 Hoeve in Brecht, Belgium.


  • Membership of the association is open to everyone who has interests in the technical aspects of paints, varnishes, inks and related products. In general this concerns everyone active in the area of the technical aspects of the coatings industry, the related raw materials, application techniques, distribution channels and related legislation. Also people active at (technical) universities and institutes in the field of coatings related subjects belong to the target group.
    A reduced fee is offered to students and retires.
  • Information concerning membership and contribution is available via the contact adress: info@nvvt-nederland.nl