NVVT Symposium: “Measuring is Knowing”; ONLINE

ONLINE NVVT Symposium “Measuring is Knowing”


To obtain, tune and monitor coating performance, it is of great importance to measure the right properties and interpret it well to really know how to proceed. During this symposium, several (new) measuring techniques and workflows to aid this process will be presented by 5 different topics. The topics are ranging from biobased coating performance (Baril), machine learning to tune properties (Hochschule Niederrhein), image recognition (Correlimage), property apps (Survey and Foresee Technologies S.L.L.), predictive parameters and implementation via high throughput screening (Clariant). A dynamic session on how to measure properties and ingredient parameters and which tools can help to let you decide the actions to take in product development as well as trouble shooting.



jan 26 2021


01:30 PM - 04:30 PM
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