NVVT Symposium: Alkyd resins, 150 years old but still alive and kicking

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The Dutch Association of Paint Technicians (NVVT) invites you to attend this technical symposium to be organized on: Tuesday, November 26, 2019 In congrescentrum ‘t Veerhuis, Nijemonde 4, 3434 AZ Nieuwegein-Zuid Website: http://www.tveerhuis.nl/

Alkyd resins, 150 years old but still alive and kicking

Registration with coffee and sandwiches      12.30 hrs.

Start of the symposium                                  13.30 hrs.  

Alkyd resins  have been introduced in the 1930’s as binders for paints. Their compatibility with many polymers and the extremely wide formulating latitude made them suitable for production of a very broad range of coating materials. This includes do-it-yourself paints and varnishes for wood and metal, road marking paints, anticorrosive paints, nitrocellulose lacquers, two-component isocyanate curing coatings, acid curing coatings, stoving enamels, etc.

Few (30 % or less)  of its raw materials are still unavoidably of fossil origin, the other raw materials used in the synthesis of the alkyds can be from biologically renewable sources. This, combined with their biological degradability, makes them very interesting binders from an ecological point of view. Solvents which are used to reduce and adjust the paint viscosity are the main concern with respect to the ecological aspects of the alkyd paints, although other properties typical for alkyd resins deserve our attention. Eith regard to those solvents, in recent years we witness quite an activity in designing alkyd emulsions and high solids alkyds which can serve as binders for environmentally benign coatings.




nov 26 2019


12:30 AM - 05:15 PM


Congress Center 't Veerhuis, Nijemonde 4, 3434AZ Nieuwegein-Zuid
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